Concerti Jamiroquai – La band brittanica di musica funky in Italia per un immancabile concerto

La band brittanica di musica funky, il cui pilastro è Jason Cheetham (Jason Luís Cheetham), in Italia per un immancabile concerto!


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21:00 Jamiroquai


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Concerti Jamiroquai estero

Data Ora Location
Gio, 02 Novembre 2017 18:00 Jamiroquai Manchester
MANCHESTER, Manchester Arena
jamiroquai tickets tour
Sab, 04 Novembre 2017 18:00 Jamiroquai Birmingham
BIRMINGHAM, Barclaycard Arena
jamiroquai concert tickets
Mar, 07 Novembre 2017 20:00 Jamiroquai Düsseldorf
DüSSELDORF, Mitsubishi Electric HALLE
jamiroquai karten
Mer, 08 Novembre 2017 20:00 Jamiroquai Amsterdam
jamiroquai tickets
Sab, 11 Novembre 2017 20:30 Jamiroquai Anversa
ANTWERPEN, Sportpaleis
jamiroquai karten
Lun, 13 Novembre 2017 20:00 Jamiroquai Berlino
BERLINO, Velodrom
jamiroquai konzerte karten
Mer, 15 Novembre 2017 19:30 Jamiroquai Vienna
WIEN, Wiener Stadthalle
jamiroquai concert tickets
Gio, 16 Novembre 2017 20:00 Jamiroquai Monaco
MONACO DI BAVIERA, Olympiahalle München
jamiroquai konzerte tickets
Sab, 18 Novembre 2017 20:00 Jamiroquai Zurigo
ZURIGO, Hallenstadion
jamiroquai konzertkarten
Mer, 22 Novembre 2017 20:00 Jamiroquai Tolosa
TOULOUSE, Zenith de Toulouse
jamiroquai billets
Sab, 25 Novembre 2017 21:30 Jamiroquai Madrid
MADRID, WiZink Center (Palacio de Deportes)
jamiroquai entradas
Lun, 27 Novembre 2017 20:00 Jamiroquai Nantes
SAINT HERBLAIN, Zénith de Nantes
jamiroquai billets
Mer, 29 Novembre 2017 20:00 Jamiroquai Parigi
PARIGI, AccorHotels Arena
jamiroquai billets
Dom, 03 Dicembre 2017 18:30 Jamiroquai Londra
jamiroquai tickets
Mer, 06 Dicembre 2017 18:30 Jamiroquai Londra
jamiroquai tickets
Gio, 14 Dicembre 2017 21:00 Jamiroquai Buenos Aires
BUENOS AIRES, Hipodromo Argentino de Palermo
jamiroquai entradas
Sab, 16 Dicembre 2017 21:00 Jamiroquai Chile
SANTIAGO, Movistar Arena
jamiroquai entradas
Lun, 18 Dicembre 2017 21:30 Jamiroquai São Paulo
SAN PAOLO, Citibank Hall SP
jamiroquai entradas

Concerti Jamiroquai

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Jamiroquai Lyrics

Am I love?
Every heart is beating
I’m all love
Can’t you feel me feeling?
Take my hand
Cold like a junkie
I’m an ice cold man
(I’m an ice cold)
Why am I crying for you?All this love I felt for you
Has gone away to another place
I put my faith in a digital world
Where they’ve given me
Eyes without a face
I’d steal the moon, on silver nights
Remind myself I am someone
My soul is numb and for tonight
(I’m Automaton)

I’m so tough
Can’t you see me running
See I can touch
Can you feel me coming?
I see the world
And cry for freedom
These metal eyes, they can’t disguise
The fact that I
(I need something to believe in)
But then I’m dying for you

I said goodbye to the world I knew
And took off into inner space
Weren’t you the ones who promised me
A very different place
I’ve powered up, get my program set
And tilt my head toward the sun
Inside I know, I’m not a void
(I’m Automaton)

(Automaton [x4])
Hey, you got me down underground
Getting holed up in my cyber lounge
As if I had time to break that down
Whatever you can do I can override it
Got a million ways to synthesize it
Digital android, I can fight it
(Fi-fi-fi-fight it out)
(Automaton [x4])

Feel like a man, who fell to Earth
That this is not where I belong
They rule my life from a metal box, that’s windowless
And I wonder, where it all goes wrong
Maybe this dream will stay alive
But can the madness be undone?
Am I the new intelligence?

(I’m Automaton [x7])
You know I need something
I can hold on to
Hold on to
You were all I knew
(I’m Automaton)
I need something
I can hold on to
Hold on to
This was all I knew
(I’m Automaton)

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